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Modern Anxiety Goes to the Beach

Modern Anxiety Goes to the Beach

Modern Anxiety Goes to the Beach is new performance work that uses the tragicomic world of clown to explore how our own inner chaos mirrors the greater climate chaos. Modern Anxiety is a genderqueer antihero who is just trying to have a relaxing afternoon at the beach. Yet, their anxious inner monologue – voiced by two grotesque-yet-straightfaced narrators – builds into an extreme storm that no one can stop. Modern Anxiety’s hilarious-yet-poignant struggle stems from the ensemble members’ real life experiences as anxious queers living in a time of perceptible climate change.

Through a full-on collision of silent clowning, physical antics, ukulele playing, googled science, and biased disaster reporting, Modern Anxiety interrupts the newspeak with an urgent message of irrepressible humanness. As the tides rise – both literally and metaphorically – Modern Anxiety, like all of us, must learn how to swim.

Modern Anxiety Goes to the Beach is the inaugural performance work of collaborative trio Katapult: Kat Luna, Kat Purcell, and Elle Thoni.

Premiere performance at Queertopia 2018: Red Eye Theater (Minneapolis, MN), June 20-23, 2018

Remounted at Mother Goose’s Bedtime Stories: Pangea World Theater (Minneapolis, MN), October 21, 2018

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