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Lost Lake

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is a freshwater fable told through the poetry of mask performance. After many years away, a Traveller returns home to Lost Lake, only to discover that the lake itself has vanished. As the Traveller searches for the truth behind this transformed landscape, they risk falling prey to the strange survivors of the dried up lake  – and the dryness itself.

Inspired by epic tales such as The Little Prince and Spirited Away as well as real-life stories from personal travels along the Great Lakes, and told through the magical lens of puppet and physical theatre, Lost Lake is a love letter from the long disaster. 

Lost Lake was developed as a part of In the Heart of the Beast’s 2017-2018 PuppetLab Fellowship program, premiering March 23-25th, 2018.

If you would like to bring Lost Lake to your venue or city, please email

Conceived and created by Elle Thoni and the ensemble

Co-directed by Elle Thoni and Isabel Nelson

Performed by Katie Burgess, Chava Kokhleffel, and Kat Luna, and Elle Thoni

Music composed and performed by Walken Schweigert


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