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Lift Off: An American Counter-Myth about Sex, Loneliness, and Outer Space

From the Playwright’s Notes:
This show takes place in Betroffenheit:
Betroffenheit is the state of having been met by, or struck by, or
perplexed by a cataclysmic event. In the space after, anything can
happen, anything is possible: it’s a state of confusion and
All of the primary characters in ‘Lift Off ‘are experiencing
betroffenheit in their own way, in their own time. This play is
the first date after a major break-up; it is full of excitement
& anxiety. At each moment, we are all too aware of the best and
worst possible outcomes. We are not sure if we are ready for
this, but it is happening anyway. There is sexual tension. It
is the Cold War.
Lift Off is an American counter-myth about desire, loneliness and
outer space. Set in 1957, when Elvis was King and science was
patriotic, Lift Off a poetic play that challenges us to recognize our
own epic longing. It is written to be performed with puppet and mask.
Lift Off takes place in the month between the launch of Sputnik I and
Sputnik II; a time when Americans were deeply uneasy about their
place in the world. ‘Wife II,’ a robot, awakes to realize that her
scientist has gone missing. Without him, she must decide whether to
adhere to the role he programmed her for or to deviate and explore
the nature of her own desires. Outside the laboratory, an unnamed
busker’s search for his lost dog forces him to confront war memories
and his sexual past. The two are watched over by the modern day Greek
Gods of this tale, a straight-talking Broadcaster and a cross-dressing



Full-length: approx 60-90 min

# of Performers:

5: 2-3 male, 1 female, 1-2 gender queer/gender fluid/trans/unicorn

Development History:

Semi-staged reading, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre in collaboration with Bedlam Theatre, October 2015
Staged excerpt, Twin Cities Easy Access Script Experience, Little Lifeboats (Mpls MN), June 2014
 Please contact me directly to request an excerpt. Thank you!