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It’s the year 2120, and the climate is hot, wet, and volatile. Temperatures have risen–and so have the flood waters. Public infrastructure has been overwhelmed by storms, which are frequent and extreme. Water, while abundant, is often not clean enough to drink or swim in. Despite all of this (or perhaps because of it) our city’s residents remain active and optimistic. With disaster as their common bond, we rise to the challenge of keeping their cherished city above water.

Lately, however, neighbors have been having trouble with their memory. After each storm, murmurs of “aquanesia” circulate as more folks seem dazed, disoriented, and forgetful. What is this mysterious aquanesia? Can you find a cure before you too forget?

Aquanesia is a live, outdoor adventure game set 102 years in the future. Players test their skills at different watershed-based activities to decipher a set of clues, which will help them unlock the mystery of how and why people are losing their memories of the past century. Aquanesia gets families and friends outside to play, learn, and reconnect with their watershed. 


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Aquanesia is a project of Northern that toured to Grand Rapids, MN Sept 29th-30th and Rochester, MN Oct 6-7th 2018.

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Game Designer: Kim Loken

Art Direction: Donald Thomas

Playwright and Performance Director: Elle Thoni

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